• Martes 21 de septiembre 4:00 pm, Argentina

    Topic: Keep Plodding Indefinitely or Keep Performing Impeccably?! All you need to know. Expert discussion and insights.

    About Alpha- Sharon Mortimer.
    Are Our Current KPIs Doing Enough For Us? - Dean Morbeck
    Are Our Lab Systems Working the Way We Expect? - Panel presentation with Dr. Alison Campbell and and Katie Heywood
    Highlighting Risks or Errors in the Lab - Denny Sakkas

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  • Miércoles 22 de septiembre 6:00 am, Argentina

    Topic: The Maribor consensus: report of an expert meeting on the development of performance indicators for clinical practice in ART

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  • Miércoles 28 de septiembre 4:00 pm, Argentina

    Topic: Driving Efficiencies in IVF Upwards

    Moderators: Alejandro Chavez-Badiola (IVF 2.0) David Sable MD

    Matt Pettit A lecture sponsored by IMT Matcher.
    Dr. Dimitri Consten “Staying in the driver seat of your lab and moving forward” A lecture sponsored by XILTRIX.
    Ms Unika Alexander “Management of IVF; Electronic applications to the rescue”.
    David Sable MD Closing remarks.

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