• Miércoles 9 de junio 11:00 am, Argentina

    Topic: Actionable results for your patients the first time using the ERPeak endometrial receptivity test

    Webinar Description: This webinar will cover the key innovations and main features that differentiate our ERPeak test from other endometrial receptivity tests on the market.
    Topics covered:

    The clinical benefits – actionable results for patients and clinicians the first time

    Low no-result rates – ~5x lower compared to other test providers*

    Enabled by the innovative approach of the ERPeak test and its high classification precision

    Webinar Objectives: To make customers aware of the features and innovations behind our ERPeak test and how we differentiate from our competitors.

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    Miercoles 16 junio 6:00 am, Argentina

    Topic: IVM (In vitro maturation)

    Webinar Description:This webinar introduces the participants to the scientific basis and the clinical application for achieving success rates with IVM that are now approaching those achieved with IVF.

    Webinar Objectives: The webinar is intended to provide participants with a clear understanding of the patient groups most amenable to IVM treatment, their clinical management and the laboratory approaches to achieving optimal oocyte maturation.

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