WEBINAR Dr Liebermann Juergen

WEBINAR Dr Liebermann Juergen

Tenemos el agrado de anunciarles nuestro próximo webinar : "“Fast and Furious: Minimizing exposure time and osmotic stress at Vitrification and Warming in Human Oocytes and Embryos”

Estará a cargo del Dr. Juergen Liebermann.



Juergen Liebermann PhD, HCLD, TS, CC (ABB)
Working in the field of IVF since 1995, Dr. Liebermann is the Director of Laboratory Services at the Chicago based Fertility Centers of Illinois partnered with the US Fertility | Ovation | RMA New York Network. He received his doctoral degree from the Technical University Munich in Bavaria/Germany in 1995 and his postdoctoral thesis in 2004 qualified him as a University Lecturer in Experimental Reproductive Medicine at the Bavarian University of Wuerzburg, Germany. He contributed more than 180 oral presentations at national and international meetings and has authored more than 68 per-review publications, book chapters and 66 abstracts in reproductive science. In 2007, and 2016 he co-authored a book with Dr. Michael Tucker titled Vitrification in Human Assisted Reproduction. He is a member of ASRM, ESHRE, and ABB. He also serves as an ad Hoc reviewer for Fertility & Sterility, Human Reproduction, Reproductive Biomedicine Online, and many more. Diploma of Honorary International Member, CECOLFES, Bogota, Colombia in 2013, and 2017. Married and proud Dad of 5 children ages 11 to 21 (1 girl & 4 boys). Marathon & Triathlon finisher, Mountaineer, Scuba Diver, Equestrian.